Atlas Lisboa

Sama Sama Crepe and Juice Bar, one of the best vegan food joints in town, and undoubtedly one of a kind, opened its doors to the public in May of 2017. Atlas was there (read more here), so, naturally, we were curious as to how they’re doing: what the highs and lows have been, what they have learned, what’s cooking, what the craic is… In other words: “What’s same same, what’s different?” So we stopped by to have another chat with them, and consequently filed this report.

It’s an unusually mild summer afternoon in August. I make my way to Sama Sama for the 100th time this year. Sofia, co-owner and all-around cool person, is sitting outside on a custom barstool made from a discarded plastic local craft beer keg. Malte, her husband, other co-owner, and equally cool person, made said barstool. Waste not — want not. He’s inside, holding down the front.

Sofia is having lunch and chatting with Rodrigo, friend and local bike-shop worker, crepe in hand. His bike is upside down next to him. He’s on a similar barstool. Malte hand-made that one too. The two are wedged between two more barstools (guess who made those?) and two parked cars — not on the sidewalk, but technically off the street. Sofia greets me with a somewhat tired but ever-radiant smile. Malte shouts a jolly “Hello, sir!” from inside, his eyes never leaving the magic he’s prepping for three eager customers.

It’s been a long year and three months, and the couple has faced many a challenge. Camara Municipal, for instance, have not been very kind in terms of logistics.

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